Years ago, I found my way into the industry while still a teenager and discovered an incredible world of creation that I hadn't previously known existed as a career. Starting first in hair and makeup, then progressing into wardrobe styling, I built my craft on set, working side by side with incredibly talented people. Over the years I have developed a distinct style that not only defines my work, but also the energy I bring to every job. With an emphasis on glowing, natural skin, and touchable, healthy looking hair, I always ensure that even the most elaborate looks always rest on these essential building blocks. Similarly, when working with wardrobe styling, whether for the urban professional, the stay-at-home-mom, or the bohemian college student, my goal is to always create a sense of the real...always believable; never distracting with styling.

I believe that an essential part of my job, regardless of whether it's a small production where everyone is pitching in to get the shot, or whether it's a tremendous process spanning many weeks, is always to ensure that the talent feels supported and cared for so that they are able to do their best work. By creating a nurturing, comfortable rapport off-set, the work is able to flow more freely for everyone. Balancing it all is a challenge that I love, and it keeps each job fresh and new.

I have been very lucky to work with many talented individuals over the years for companies such as: Nike, Adidas, Nordstrom, REI, Intel, Microsoft, Kaiser, Reebok, Dr. Martens, Liberty Mutual, NBC, NFL, Paramount, Neiman Marcus, Macy's, Calle, Powerade/Coca-cola, and many more.

Editorial and beauty/advertising for: Vogue, Marie Claire, Mirabella, Revlon, Maybelline, Conair, Goody, Oil of Olay, Neutrogena, to name just a few.


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